The Combat Archery Tag Origins in Singapore

Archery Tag Origins

The origins of archery tag in Singapore can be traced back to 2008 when archery was added as a combat sport by the Singapore National Olympic Council. The archers were given foam-tipped arrows, which they use to shoot at each other. The game is played on a court with 3-meter radius and 2 meter high walls that are covered in netting for safety reasons. And here we will bring you through The Combat Archery Tag Origins in Singapore.

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1. Introduction

combat archery tag origins introduction
Combat Archery Tag by archerytags

Along with being a popular sport, combat archery tag also has its origins. Interestingly enough, the form of this game is much like dodgeball, in which players must shoot their opponents via bows and arrows. To do so right requires mastering combat skills that knights used to hone for battle purposes centuries ago! Let us follow through this story of the origins of this game!

2. Founders

archery tag origins - founders
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The creator of Combat Archery Tag, John Jackson, had a passion for archery. However, after he started DeerSpace in 2009 - an online platform where outdoor enthusiasts shared their favourite moments and experiences, he noticed that there was a very special group of individuals on the website. This website was never intended to make money, but despite having no adverts, it managed to reach 4,000 visitors worldwide.

3. Creation

archery tag origin - creation
Neon Fitted Combat Archery Tag

Jackson then created Instinct Archery, where traditional archery products were designed. He was introduced to Storm Archery's Engineer and Bow Designer Matt Lennon, and their collaboration brought Jackson's concept to reality. The riser bows were designed by John Lennon to resemble the company's trademark, the D.

Both of them met in 2011 when they noticed a small piece of foam while visiting a vendor. They came up with the crazy and entertaining notion of putting the foam on the point of the arrows and shooting each other. The end effect was fantastic! They manufactured the arrow tip on a 3D printer and affixed it to a shaft as soon as they arrived at the workplace. As a result, this was their prototype arrow.

4. Growth

After modifying the prototype, Jackson took the bows and arrows to Bass and Bucks in Indiana for their inaugural annual Shoot for a Cause fundraiser event.  It was here that the first combat archery tag game was played. After being placed on YouTube, a video of the game being played quickly became viral! People from all over the world began calling in to learn the game's rules and where to buy the necessary equipment.

5. Present

archery tag origins - present
Game of Fitted Combat Archery Tag

By 2014, Jackson had granted permission for the combat archery tag game to be played in over 170 places in the United States, Russia, Peru, and Saudi Arabia. It wasn't long before it spread all over the world. We are among the fortunate few who have had the opportunity to participate in combat archery tag in Singapore. This action-packed game will completely capture the hearts of both the young and the young at heart!

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Archery Tag Origins

This article is just a brief history and evolution of combat archery tag in Singapore. If you're interested in learning how to play this exciting new team battle archery game, let us know! We'll be happy to send you all of the information about archers tag so that you can get started right away!

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