5 Reasons Combat Archery Tag in Singapore is the Best Team Building Game

Combat Archery Tag

combat archery
Combat Archery Tag

In need of better team building games? Had enough of the kind of team building activities that aren’t interactive, doesn’t involve everyone and isn’t fun enough? We have heard you. For those who are looking for ideas for team building games, try playing combat archery tag in Singapore. Here are 5 Reasons Combat Archery Tag in Singapore is the Best Team Building Game!

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1. Communication is Key

Communication is essential in our everyday lives but it can be quite awkward to talk to strangers you just met. That's why team-building is important because miscommunication can create misunderstandings and a hostile work environment. In the game of combat archery tag in Singapore, you’re forced to communicate with your team members because no one wants to get hit by the opponents' arrows.

2. Teamwork makes the Dream Work

When you start playing combat archery tag, all feuds will be forgotten as the team directs energy towards defeating in-game opponents. Forget who's boss and who's your least favourite suboordinate because the game is about to get real. You could be busy shooting at your opponent without realising an arrow coming towards you so you will definitely need your team mates to help guard your back. Or perhaps you can't aim but you're really good at sprinting so your role is to grab the arrows before your enemies hit you. Everyone has their own role and you will be surprised at the teamwork fostered at the end of the day.

3. De-stress with Prizes

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Although most organisers won't provided prizes, you may propose this and allocate some of that welfare budget to make playing even more attractive. With combat archery tag's FRIENDLY war zone, you will be able to forget about all the stress in the office. Just be yourself and learn to have fun. Go ahead and aim at anyone and shoot as much as you can and bring victory to you and your team!

4. Learning never gets Old

Combat archery tag in Singapore may seem like a simple game to many. After all, it’s just holding the bow in one hand and shooting the arrow on the other. How hard can it be? Well, don’t speak too soon until you’ve tried it yourself! The fun in trying something new is learning it all over - from holding onto the bow incorrectly to being precise with shooting - everyone is learning the same thing together. It doesn't matter whether you are 12 years old or 40 years old, nobody is going to know how to shoot like a pro without prior experience.

5. Health is Wealth

Combat Archery Tag

Combat archery tag involves running and is considered to be a sport and has similar gameplay to dodgeball. Playing this game will allow you to work on your arms strength and your stamina as you go around running to collect arrows and dodging them. The best part is not even noticing that it’s a form of workout because you’ll be busy having too much fun. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to exercise those dormant muscles that you haven't been working out in the office!

Combat Archery Tag

After reading the article, are you finally ready to try combat archery tag in Singapore? If you have not tried it out, I hope we have convinced you to! Simply fill up the form at the bottom of our page if you wish to sign up for a session right now! Do also check out other activities by The Fun Empire here:

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