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5 Combat Archery Tag Tips You Should Know

Combat Archery Tag Tips

Combat Archery Tag Tips
Combat Archery Tag Tips

Combat Archery Tag Singapore is action-packed gameplay that anyone would love. Whether you’re physically fit or not, the game of Combat Archery Tag will be one to remember a lifetime.

Our Combat Archery Tag combines elements of paintball, dodgeball, and archery in a fast-paced game designed to get you moving and your adrenaline flowing! It can be played in both indoor or outdoor environments and there are various game modes to choose from as well!

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In this article, we have 5 Combat Archery Tag Tips You Show Know for a safer gameplay. But before you proceed to read, do check out some of the amazing team building activities by The Fun Empire:

1. Don’t Dry Fire

Don’t Dry Fire
Don’t Dry Fire

We know that most people will be unable to contain their enthusiasm when they see our bows and arrows. Before you even know it, everyone’s got their hands on a bow just to try it out. This is sometimes referred to as dry firing. We would not advise anyone to dry fire since you could potentially injure yourself. Before beginning the game, it is best to pay attention to the facilitator’s instructions!

2. Understand The Weapon

neon combat archery equipment
Neon Archery Tag Equipment

Understanding and knowing how to handle your weapon can greatly assist you in the combat archery game. Bows and arrows are the two items you’ll need. Please pay attention to how the facilitator uses it during the briefing. Before the game begins, you will also have some opportunity to practice shooting arrows with your bow. Make the most of this opportunity to familiarise yourself so that you can perform at your best during the game!

3. Wear The Mask At All Times

combat archery tag
Combat Archery Tag

Aside from weapons, you are required to put on the mask at all times. Although our arrows have soft foam tips, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want that arrow to hit any area of your face!

4. Avoid Aim At Upper Body

avoid aim at upper body
The Fun Empire

Despite the fact that our combat archery tag arrows are extremely safe, with a foam coating at the tip, we do not recommend that players run around aiming and shooting their friends on their upper body. Some people may still feel discomfort, especially if the tips rest on their heads; you don’t want to go through that. As a result, for safer gameplay, aim towards the lower body!

5. Don’t Play If You’re Unwell

The Fun Empire Facilitators

Before beginning a game of Combat Archery Tag, our facilitators will ask everyone whether they are feeling ill. If you feel giddy at any point during the game, sit down and take a break. If no one else on your team is available to replace you, our facilitators will step in. Your safety is our top priority, so please notify us if you are not feeling well.

Combat Archery Tag Tips

These are just 5 tips of how to operate a safe combat archery tag game. We hope that this article has given you some insights on how to properly play the combat archery tag before you actually start the game. If you want other interesting and fun team building activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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