5 Incredible Reasons to Play Combat Archery Tag and How to be a Pro

Combat Archery Tag

neon combat archery tag
Neon Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag is an activity that fosters teamwork and is the most fun when played with huge groups of people in a large venue. More people should consider participating in games like this because it allows participants to learn about effective communication and critical thinking. If you think that your company isn't bonded enough or your school CCA is in need of some team building, we have the solution for you. Here are 5 Incredible Reasons to Play Combat Archery Tag and How to be a Pro at it.

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1. Communication

Combat Archery

The importance of communication doesn’t only apply to work. In combat archery tag, you’re forced to communicate with your team members. That is unless you wish to be shot by an incoming arrow. You will automatically start conversations with the person next to you to come up with strategies. Even smiling at the end of a winning game can be considered as a form of communication as well.

2. Teamwork

Archery Tag

Even though there’s no “I” in a “Team”, there’s bound to be that one person in the office who loves working alone. However, that cannot be the case when you start playing combat archery tag as the whole team has to accomplish the same goal.

It might be true that everyone is shooting at their opponents individually but players will also have to look out for one another. For instance, someone nimble will grab all the arrows while people with weaker aiming will help look out for incoming arrows and protect the rest. Working together, supporting and protecting one another will no doubt have everyone foster teamwork even if it is something they didn't have.

3. Friendly Competition

The office can sometimes get over-competitive but with Combat Archery Tag, you and your colleagues will compete in a friendly way. It is time to destress so go ahead and shoot your enemies without worrying whether the person is your boss or your superior. No one’s going to blame you for shooting at them, after all, it is just a game. Break the ice and get to know someone new in the office. The combat archery game would allow you to open up to people you have been afraid to talk to for a long time and make lots of friends!

4. New Skills

Combat archery tag may seem like a simple game to many but there are actually a lot of skills involved. First of all, there is a front and back to the bow which many people hold incorrectly, spoiling the elastics of the equipment. The bow also needs to be held properly to prevent people from hurting themselves. The skill to hold bow and arrows properly, albeit not useful on many occasions, is still a refreshing skill to pick up. Then, there's also the strategies that players should come up with for a successful game. Those require critical thinking skills to come up on the spot.

5. Awesome Workout

awesome workout
Combat Archery

There are many benefits to sports including improving memory and brain function, aiding in weight management, and improving the quality of sleep. Plan your next workout by playing Combat Archery Tag with your team! Work on your arm strength and your stamina as you go around running to collect arrows and dodging them. The best part about playing is being too busy having fun that you don’t realise you’re working out!

Tips on becoming a Pro

Combat Archery @ Hyperspace

(1) Use your Energy Wisely

A common mistake beginners make is going all out for the first few rounds of a combat archery game. However, that is actually not very strategic as you will probably run out of energy soon enough. In addition, more often than not, the first few rounds of combat archery serve as a warm-up game for players to figure out the equipment and the venue. As one game lasts only about 10 minutes, it is better to save some energy for your later games to ambush your enemies when they are tired!

(2) Stash some Arrows

Since you need arrows to fire at your opponents, if you run out of arrows, you won't be able to eliminate them. In combat archery tag, you need to strategise cleverly to ensure your team’s victory. A tip is to appoint a team player whose main job is to collect all the arrows with one or two other players covering him. This ensures that you have a good supply of arrows! Do take note if you realise that your opponents are collecting arrows without firing them. You wouldn't want to face a situation where your team is showered with arrows and have no way of retaliation.

(3) Catch Arrows

For some versions of combat archery - like dodgeball - catching arrows mid-air allows you to revive a member. So another useful tip in combat archery tag is to learn how to catch arrows during the warm-up rounds! Do check with your facilitator if such gameplay is allowed since some organisations prevent it in view of the possibility of injuries.

(4) Keep Moving Around

Do not simply hide behind the bunkers, as they are pretty easy to spot! Being behind the bunkers would cover you temporarily but experienced players will definitely be able to find a striking angle and take you out. Instead, it is suggested for you to keep moving around the middle and back zones where you can spot and avoid the arrows coming your way!

(5) Safety First

Safety should always be the first priority. Although winning the game is important, players should take note not to shoot in important areas like the head or sensitive body parts. People sitting on the sidelines are advised to keep their protective gear on and always keep a look out for arrows that could be shot their way.

Combat Archery Tag

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