3 Reasons To Play Combat Archery Singapore

Combat Archery Singapore

Ever wanted to be cool like Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the well-noted Hunger Games? Or simply intrigued by Combat Archery Tag, a game that involves shooting your opponents with bows and arrows? You have come to the right place as The Fun Empire provides both indoor and outdoor combat archery Singapore games. The history of Combat Archery is truly unique: Archery is a sport that has been played over many decades, and its purpose has evolved in leaps and bounds. From using a bow in war combat to using a bow as a sport in the Olympics, many people have started learning the art of archery.

Archery dates back all the way to the Stone Age (around 20 000BC), but Egyptians were the earliest known people to adopt the bow and arrow, while in China, archery was used during the Shang Dynasty in wars. In the past, bows and arrows were used commonly as a weapon in wars and even hunting. Today, archery has transformed into a recreational game that is safe for everyone, using arrows that are foam-padded and reduced poundage on the bows. With this short introduction, we bring to you the 3 Reasons to Play Combat Archery Singapore and some related articles:

1. The Thrill

Combat Archery Tag
Combat Archery Tag

Get ready for a thrilling game of hunting, and be hunted! Be on the lookout for your opponents' arrows as they aim to eliminate you. Never drop your guard even when you are behind bunkers because you don't know if your opposing team has a sniper. Best in large venues so that you can have enough hiding spots, Combat Archery Singapore can take place both indoors and outdoors. Embrace both your competitive and adventurous spirit and strategise alongside your teammates to emerge as the winner.

2. Variety of Game Modes

Archery Tag Game Modes
Archery Tag Game Modes

With 5 game modes available, your team building event will never be dull. Warm-up with a game of domination and shoot to your heart's content. In the short 5 minutes game, get familiar with the environment and identify the best hiding spots. After that, break out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself and your teammates to more mentally stimulating game modes such as Mission Impossible or Capture the Flag.

As you now know, Combat Archery Singapore is not just about running around and tagging opponents. The game is rather versatile and could also be tailored to specific requirements and requests - thus each different game mode is to meet such objectives. If you have any requirements for your own game, do let us know and we can tailor accordingly for you!

3. Fun Workout

The FunEmpire

Corporate fitness is usually taken for granted, but it should be implemented crucially. Since your employees spend more than half of the week at work, an unhealthy employee can lead to poorer work performance. Hence, it is beneficial for both our minds and body to step out of the office environment every once in a while to de-stress and promote blood flow. Considering that it could be held indoors and away from the hot sun or a possible thunderstorm, there is really hardly anything stopping you from trying out combat archery Singapore for your next team-building event. Furthermore, in the long run, you would see the rise in productivity and motivation among colleagues.

Combat Archery Singapore

Through this concise article, we hope that we have convinced you to try out Combat Archery Singapore for your next event. If you would like to check out other activities we provide, feel free to use the links below:

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