10 Reasons Why You Need To Try Archery Tag Over Paintball.

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neon archery tag
Neon Archery Tag

Have you ever wanted to try Archery tag in Singapore but were scared it would be dangerous? Have you already been participating in the archery activity but grew weary of shooting at target boards? Why not give combat archery tag a go instead!

Archery tag Singapore has a variety of fantastic advantages and aims to accomplish. Indoor archery allows you to continue playing archery games even during the rainy season. Here are 10 reasons why archery tag is the greatest game in Singapore.

1. Neon Game Feature

Feel as though you've been spirited away to a parallel realm where neon combat archery tag Singapore is the main attraction! If you're searching for something different yet enjoyable to do with friends and family, try indoor archery in bright colors! The LED lighting is not only attractive aesthetically, but it also adds to the excitement by making it more difficult to find your rivals!

Hide behind the glow-in-the-dark bunkers while loading up on your arrows, which may serve as a diversion. Most importantly, make sure your cameras are ready since this is a fantastic opportunity to capture lots of great photos!

2. You can play it anywhere!

Is it possible to play archery on the beach? Certainly! At a local park, for example. Why not? Archery games in Singapore may be played at a variety of sites. It is entirely your decision whether you want to do indoor archery or enjoy the sun while soaking up all of the vitamin D!

If you have a preferred location, our knowledgeable guides will be happy to accommodate! Leave it to us because we have several readily accessible and shaded places on hand for your pick!

3. Great for beginners

Combat archery is all about having a good time! In order to take part in combat archery, you don't need any prior expertise with archery. If you're a beginner, don't worry; the majority of participants have never held a bow and arrow before.You will be given time to get acclimated to the bow and helpers will assist you. During the briefing, clear directions will also be provided, so you can rest confident that you'll be able to play with ease! If you're a novice, click here for some helpful hints on how to win the game!

4. A change of target

It's an excellent time to get back at your pals! Your attention in Archery Tag Singapore has moved from the bull's-eye on a target board to now focusing on your friends. Not only that, as you're confronted with a moving target, your shooting and aiming abilities will be put to the test.

You receive some assistance from the environment, too! So be prepared to concentrate on both aiming and ducking at the same time. You may be out of the game before you know it if you only focus on one. Make every effort possible and win the match!

5. Awesome Game Modes

In the Singapore archery tag session, you'll be able to experience at least two fantastic game modes! Different archery games have varying levels of difficulty and distinct requirements that will assist the teams in achieving their objectives.

In Domination, vanquish and destroy all who get in your way, don't leave anyone behind in Revival, and preserve your kingdom in The Last King! Approachable employees will be on hand to explain the game mechanics and goals, so pay attention and begin planning your tactics right away!

6. Safe and Painless

Combat Archery is a non-contact sport that is completely safe and painless, unlike paintball where laceration and bleeding are possible. Our activities have both an ISO 9001 quality seal and a BizSAFE Level 3 certification, which means they've been carefully reviewed.

All arrows are foam-tipped, and safety masks and briefings are provided as well. Indoor archery is also available for those who want to shoot in an air-conditioned and comfortable environment. You can be confident that extensive precautions have been taken to ensure that your safety is our top priority, and that outstanding experiences are a specialty!

7. Suitable for all Ages

Archery games are for everyone, regardless of age! There are no limits to how old you may be or where you reside. You will undoubtedly be needed as long as you are at least 1.2m tall. Archery Singapore is a fantastic method to break down generational divides and bridge the gaps between family members at work. Choose an indoor archery range and play the part of main archer, who fires from behind the bunkers if you don't want to sweat too much! Use this opportunity to flaunt your agility with your quick movements, dodging, speed, and accuracy for those who are less active!

8. Great for all occasions

Whether it's to have a fun and memorable birthday celebration with friends by shooting indoor archery, or to develop a stronger relationship during a team building exercise with coworkers, there's always a purpose for playing archery games! As combat archery is suitable for people of all ages, this makes archery tag Singapore ideal for any occasion and audience. Archery games are especially great for breaking the ice at schools because there is a strong emphasis on communication for new pupils to get acquainted with one another! Archery games are particularly ideal for melting the ice thanks to their camaraderie and plenty of laughter.

9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Archery games rely on communication and cooperation, since teams work together to achieve a common aim. Teams tend to come up with creative solutions by combining their strengths with one another to overcome each other's shortcomings while minimizing conflicts. These are soft competencies that may be transferred back and utilized at the workplace for a better working environment and improved outcomes!

10. Highly Affordable

From a convenient location in downtown, we offer fun activities and highly reasonable prices! We have you covered in a city where living costs are high! With prices starting at $15 per person, you can have lots of fun while getting great value and savings! You can rest confident that the pricing is of the highest possible quality. Before they are allowed to organize any event, all our facilitators will be required to go through an internal ASEA quality training.

Paintball Activity

Archery Tag Singapore is a fantastic game for the whole family to enjoy. If you're searching for an entertaining game that anybody can participate in, Archery Tag Singapore from The Fun Empire should be at the top of your list! The Indoor Archery Tag is a fun and engaging game for indoor birthday parties, outdoor gatherings, or team building exercises! So, why not give it a try? You may either make an online reservation or get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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