5 Big Differences between Paintball And Archery Tag


There are a lot of fun team-building games available in Singapore. Most people are looking forward to something fun and exciting. We would recommend you to try Singapore's best archery range and play a game of combat archery tag. Also, you may want to try out a game of paintball which is adrenaline-rushing!

Unsure about which game you should pick? We have included the differences between the two games in this article!

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Archery Tag Singapore Vs Paintball

1. Intensity Levels

Combat Archery Tag
Combat Archery Tag

We all agree that both combat archery tag and paintball are awesome games that are high in intensity. Both games have two competitive teams who are ever ready to bring down their opponent. Comparing game intensity, paintball is more intense than combat archery tag. Due to the game's nature, paintball needs players to have more physical movement when players are shooting, aiming and hiding behind obstacles.

On the other hand, players can hide behind the bunkers and play defensively in combat archery. Hence, there is lesser movement involved in combat archery.

2. Pain Factor


Combat archery tag is safer to play as compared to a regular paintball game. This is because, in combat archery, the arrow used is covered with foam tips, whereas paintball uses pellets travelling at around 200mph. Therefore, this minimises injury when someone is shot by his opponents in a game of archery tag. If you prefer a safer game, combat archery tag might be more suitable for you.

3. Messiness

Neon Combat Archery Tag
Neon Archery Tag

Experienced paintball players will know how messy it could get. Paintball may not be suit you if you want to remain handsome or pretty at the end of the game. Imagine getting splattered in the paint on top of being all sweaty from the running. With combat archery tag, you’re going to sweat lesser due to lesser movements. All that you have to do is to pick up the arrows after the game.

4. Timing

Archery Tag
The FunEmpire

It is difficult to last more than 5 minutes in a high-intensity game with many physical movements involved. Although high-intensity games make us tired easily, they are undoubtedly the best kind of games. A paintball game usually last around 20 minutes, most people will probably enjoy the first few minutes, while the remaining times of the game are likely to be tiring for them. In comparison, combat archery tag games have a maximum duration of only 10 minutes. This ensures that we can make the best out of the time.

5. Accessibility

Indoor Archery Tag
Indoor Archery Tag Venue at Hyperspace

Paintball can only be played outdoors as it requires a lot of space. On the other hand, Combat archery tag can be played in many venues, including indoors (neon-fitted lights) and outdoors. You can choose to play it at our partner venues such as FutsalArena@Yishun or Premier Pitch at Turf City. If you already have a venue in mind, we can even bring our games to your venue as well!


These are just a few difference between combat archery and paintball, If you would like to find out more about other fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, please feel free to check out the other articles below.

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